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SolePath is your sub-conscious self and the reason why you behave the way that you do. SolePath governs your behaviour and regulates your response to everything in your life – people, opportunities and experiences. Uncovering your sub-conscious self reveals your gifts and greatness. These gifts are what make you unique and special and give you direction when you are looking for purpose and meaning in life. These are the gifts that you were born to share with others. This is how you will help bring about the change so desperately needed in our world.SolePath is helping people just like you make a difference and as you walk this path to purpose and meaning in your life, you will find joy, contentment and peace. It is time, and we are all ready.

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SolePath Discoveries™ with Dr. Debra Ford

Dr. Debra Ford is a Teacher – Mystic whose purpose is to raise the spiritual energy of the planet. Dr. Debra is the creator of SolePath, an original body of work that identifies your metaphysical identity. SolePath is your sub-conscious self and the reason why you behave the way you do.

Dr. Debra is a gifted public speaker who connects with her audience on a personal level, over the air and in person. She has a doctorate in Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona; is a published author, radio show host, spiritual counsellor and teacher.

Dr. Debra’s Philosophy:
There is a great longing inside each of us to discover the mysteries of life. We ask where we have come from and where we are going? We wonder how and when it all began and when it will all end. We know deep inside ourselves, that unless we are more than we appear to be; unless we are more than our physical bodies, then this existence on Earth simply doesn’t make sense.

Before we are born we create a plan for our lives. We participate in a detailed planning process that includes – who will I be? Which perfect eternal Souls will I flow with – as my family, as my friends, as those who will create my life lessons and experiences? And what will be my SolePath? What will I choose that will provide me with the perfect experiences that will help me to grown, to evolve as a perfect eternal Soul.

SolePath is the way that your perfect eternal Soul wishes to experience this life incarnation.

I am an ordained minister and doctor of Metaphysical Science. Metaphysics is the philosophical enquiry into the nature of existence and my joy comes from exploring the five fundamental questions of life.

1. Who am I?
2. What am I doing here?
3. Where do I come from?
4. Where am I going?
5. Who will I be in relation to what is going on around me?


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